ISIS, Syria, and Iraq - A View From the Front Lines

A talk presented by Peter Galbraith, presented as part of the Benazir Bhutto Fellowship Publication Initiative of ClassActHR73

Peter W. Galbraith was the first U.S. Ambassador to Croatia.  He has held senior positions in the U.S. Government and the United Nations, including in 2009 as Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Afghanistan.  Galbraith was the mediator of the 1995 Erdut Agreement that ended the war in Croatia and was actively involved in the Bosnia peace process.  Currently he is the Senior Diplomatic Fellow at the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation where his work focuses on Syria and Iraqui Kurdistan.  He is the author of The End of Iraq:  How American Incompetence Created a War Without End and Unintended Consequences: How War in Iraq Strengthened America's Enemies.  Peter is a member of the Advisory Board and the Steering Committee of the Benazir Bhutto Leadership Program of ClassACTHR73 (